Cignax is a platform that provides cryptocurrency trading services limited to the following areas ;- free premium crypto trading signals, cryptocurrency research, market analysis, paid simple & advance trading tutorials, trading strategies and trade studies.

Any information provided through our services is not financial or investment advice, we are not an investment firm nor do we have association with any. We will never ask/manage any individual or organisation funds. Anyone claiming to be a fund manager from Cignax is surely an impostor.

Cignax do not own any cryptocurrency project/token.

Our Premium free signals can be fact checked for possible errors or much better entry point if the need might arise.

Our service aims to offer the best cryptocurrency market research, however, we do not guarantee any financial results based on our analysis. The entire risk of the operations is the responsibility of each user.

Our simple and advanced tutorial research books which are listed for sale are only for those that are voluntarily interested in acquisition of further knowledge in making money from crypto trading and best trading strategies to make the most profit.
We only send out our products upon payment confirmation and through your provided email address or telegram handle to us.

Our product prices are made available together with the products and are all one off payment.

The only paid service we offer at CIGNAX is our Simple and Advanced Research Tutorial Books, which can only be obtained from us directly on our website or kindly contact us for more.

The results presented show a maximum variation of the cryptocurrency after the publication of our study, that is, from the entrance to the top. The percentages shown do not always reflect the actual gain, but the maximum fluctuation of the input and the highest target reached. In other words, the maximum possible potential gain in the operation. Our study group is only allowed for individual people. We do not accept under any circumstances members who are part of companies or funds.

For feedback and suggestions kindly get in touch with us on [email protected].

Trading is highly risk, kindly follow our trading risk mitigation plan as written on every analysed signals provided by Cignax. You are advised to trade responsibly as Cignax will not be held liable for personal trding loss as a result from trading errors.

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