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Welcome to Cignax the home of crypto signals, at Cignax we provide you with free Futures and spot signals that are well analysed by our team of trading experts together with professional traders based in United States of America, Germany, India, South korea, and South Africa.

Cignax is made up of team of Crypto trading experts that have been working on advance trading strategies on making more profit from the futures and spot crypto market with minimal or no loss to investment.

At Cignax we do not put up our signals for sale and we do not trade for institutions or individuals, all we do is provide signals that you might consider using for your trading activities if you are interested in our spot or futures crypto trading services.

Cignax provide paid tutorial materials on how to make money from cryptocurrency and the necessary trading strategy required to carry out a successful trades. All our paid tutorial materials can only be obtain here on cignax.
you can get in touch with us on [email protected] for more information regarding how to get your copy.

Our signals are usually delivered to you via our websites latest news update and on our telegram page on https://t.me.com/cignax

Providing Simplified Crypto Trading Strategy

At Cignax we do not only provide free futures and spot signals, we also offer additional service of providing well documented and analysed crypto trading strategy. With our crypto trading strategy you are guaranteed of machine positive returns to your investment as long as you adhere to the requirements of trades provided on the documentation by our crypto trading experts. Get in touch with us to place an order and start winning trades with lesser or low risk implemented mitigation conditions. 


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Trading is highly risk, kindly follow our trading risk mitigation plan as written on every analysed signals provided by Cignax. You are advised to trade responsibly as Cignax will not be held liable for personal trding loss as a result from trading errors.

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